You created a site that is informative and hoped that thousands of visitors will get, but you can not get it. Because there is still a great work left out to give thousands of visitors to your site that search engine optimization or SEO

Let's Explain Everything About SEO

Do you know SEo Type?


To know SEO you have to have a good sense about HTML 4.01, HTML 5 or XHTML. If you do not know about them well then read our HTML 5 tutorial.

Search engine optimization or SEO is mainly of 2 types –

  1. On pages (which are done inside the site such as title tags, content, keywords, etc.)
  2. Off-page (which is done outside the site such as blog, forum posting)

Paid search engine optimization

Whenever you search Google, you will find occasionally some links to different colors (usually mild gray) on the right of search results or on the search (the word that is related to the search). These are paid links, which means Google has to pay. These types of optimizations are called Paid SEO.

Organic search engine optimization

Links that are usually displayed on the Serch Result page mean that Google does not highlight with a special color. These types of optimizations are called Organic SEO. This is called algorithmic SEO.

To know about search engine optimization or SEO, you need to know about its various topics or term. Some of the key terms of SEO are – a backlink, an outbound link, clocks etc. Below are some important term explanations.


If your site is linked to another site, it can be backlink for your site. This link is linked to your site’s homepage or any other page. Backlink is also called incoming link or inbound link.

Outbound link

Outbound link is the opposite of backlink, meaning that if you have any other site link. Outgoing link can be called outgoing link

White hat SEO

If SEO is done without breaking the guideline or policy of search engine, White Hat SEO can say such optimization. The most important policy of these guidelines is to create a website that is not for a useful search engine.

Other principles include backlink link popularity, keyword research, link building, etc. White Hat SEO is also called Ethical SEO.

Black hat SEO

It is in contrast to White Hat that means optimize the search engines by not conforming to the rules. Black Hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, invisible text, etc. It can be called anaethical (unethical SEO) SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

It is part of Black Hat SEO. Keyword overloading keywords, keywords that can be entered by the user, and keywords such as keyword overloading. In many cases, input tags insert such keywords with the hidden attribute, so that the text is invisible to the user and the search engine has to read it. Again the color of the page is the color of the text so that the user can not see but see the search engine. Keyword stuffing is sometimes called Keyword Loading.

If you find out the search engine should refrain from doing this kick out the site.

Link Popularity

This is to determine the quality of a site. It is based on quality inbound links (backlink). Search engines build their algorithm based on Link Popular, where a site will be located on the Search Engine Page (SERP).

The quality backlink and the only difference between the backlink and the quality backlink will be on the same site as your site. If there is a link to at w3schools, it is quality backlink and if it is on Facebook it will be just backlink.

Link farm

Link Firm is open several websites and links to each site are provided on each site. As a result backlink of each site increased. If these are caught then the search engines will spin on your site in spamming.

spamdexing is a search engine that will mark your site in such a way that you have broken the guideline given by them. If your site is spamming search engine, then your entire SEO will be depleted. For spamming your site for various reasons such as link firms, doing keyword stuffing, Doorway pages, pages are made, Clocking means straightforward black hat SEO.

Doorway page

This is a page that has very few lines and these lines contain only keywords, so the search engine can find lots of keywords. This leads to keywords but there is no information for users. This page links to any other pages or redirects to another page. It is called entry page, portal page, jump page, bridge page etc.


This is a technique that shows a type of content in search engine and shows other content to the user. In this method, when the server requests for a page, the IP address or the user agent knows that it is a search engine bot / crawler / spider / scooter or man. Whenever you see Spider shows a page, and when the person shows another page.

Internal Link

This is the link to other pages on one page on your site. It is very important. For example, if you have a series of tutorials on your site, then go to the next page to link to annex text on the previous page. It will work as a backlink to your site. This leads to Page rank. On Wikipedia’s website, you can see how many links to sites are per line.


The traffic of that site is the number of visits to which one site is being visited. Increasing traffic of any site means that the visitor of that site is increasing.

Title tags

Title tags

A title is the name or title of an HTML document. The title tag tells both the user and the search engine that the page contains a title that is a summary of a page. The title of the web page should be so that it does not match the title of any other site, meaning that the title should be unique and accurate.

The location of the title tag in the search window

When we see the search result in the browser, the page title is first in the first line. Below are the location of the Title tag, Meta tag, and the URL of the web site in the search window in the search window.

Title tag in search result

If the keyword that the user searches for, the keyword is bolded in the search result, the whole page title also increases the traffic of the site.

<title> … </ title> tag

Title is given using the <title> … </ title> tag in the HTML document. The page title should always be set in such a way that the contents of the page are very similar.

HTML documents should not be given a big title because it makes many unnecessary words in the title and if there is a big title, Google shows some part of it but not completely.

In the title tag, two things to remember are:

1) The title of the title tag is good in the number 40 – 80,

2) No other tag can be used in the title tag,

The title of the best web page should be small, relevant and informative.

Meta tags

Meta tags

One of the most important tags of SEO is the HTML Meta Tag. Through the meta tag, information related to an HTML document is supplied to the search engine.

Meta Description

Simply write about the page in “description” of the meta (<meta>) tag. It gives Google and all the search engines a sense of what’s on this page. This description can be given in 2/3 lines. Google may consider the meta description as a summary of your page’s content. This is because it is said that because if the page gets more than the content of a page that matches the content of the page, then the user can show it in Google search results.

If the keyword given by the user is in this summary (meta description), then it will be bolded, as seen in the image above, the user’s “HTML Tutorial in Bangla” is bolted in search results. It gives a signal to the user that the page has the same match with what he is looking for. So give the meta description so that it looks at the user’s search result, it seems that this page can have the information I need.

No part of the content of the page should be copied and pasted into Meta Banarna, rather it is better to write a small summary on the content of the page.

The meta description of each page is different, otherwise the user or the search engine will look at multiple pages at once when there is a problem. If you have thousands of pages on your site, it will be complex to create different meta descriptions for each page, depending on the content of the page, automatic meta description will be adopted to adopt such a technique.

Heading tags

Heading tags

We know that there are six heading tags in the HTML document from h1 to h6. These tags should be specially targeted to SEO for any website.

Follow the sequence of important steps

The text in the heading tag shows a little larger than normal writing. Follow the order of urgency when using the heading tag. That means the <h1> tag for the most important title, <h2> tag for some less important title, <h3> tag for a less important headline, thus <h6> to the tag.


When an article is written on a web page, it is a good idea to put important pieces of text into a heading tag. If there are some paragraphs in an article, then each paragraph has a title that is good to keep with this heading tag, so that users and search engines can guess what is written in this paragraph. It will not be appropriate to have such a headset with which the paragraph does not match. Heading is recommended to be brief and relevant.

Never a whole paragraph should be placed in the heading tag. It is not good to use too much headings on one page. If there is 30 lines on a page, it should never be heading 10/12 lines. Such extra headings will never yield good results.

Link Structure

Link Structure

Site URL or link is one of the key points for SEO in any web site. Create site URL or links related to topic.

Correct Link Structure

Make a link in such a way that it is very easy and understandable. This makes it easy to read and understand both the search engine and the user. It is not okay to use any ID or incomplete word or parameter URL. Do not use any IDs or unrecognized parameter URLs that should be used to see the content of a web page. The URL in the search result shows between the title and the Meta Data. Refrain from using session IDs or unnecessary parameters in URLs.

See an example of a URL that is not SEO Friendly below –

See examples

Below is an example of a URL that is SEO Friendly –

See examples

Note – Need to avoid using additional words in the URL.

Link Structure Caution

One important thing is to put only a single URL of each page or content. If the same page has more than one URL, then search engine thinks that it is a different page, so Google Page Ranking and so on.

If there is a few URLs on a web site, 301 redirect is a method that allows all URLs to be returned to a custom URL. This method can be done through the htsccess file. For this, this change was made by writing the code in the htsccess file of the Apache server.

In addition to 301 redirect methods, this can be done using Canonical URL.

It is also bad to see the URL in the lower case using the smallest upper case, and it is not Search Engine Friendly.

On site

On site

Navigasan is one of the main attractions of any web site. However, it should not be complicated to keep an eye on it.

Home page or main page based navigation is good. The user can go to all the pages of the website from the home page and he should understand that he is now on a page. The breadcrumb method can therefore be used.

See the picture below to understand this topic better –

seo nevigation demo

If the user decides to delete a specific part of the URL and go to another directory or page, then it may go. Here 404 error page not found.

It is best to use text links to navigate from one page to another for site navigation because it can better understand the Bing Search Engine web site.

Caution in the JavaScript flush or dropdown menu

Many search engines, including Google Search Engine, are grinding in this situation if navigation is given by JavaScript flush or dropdown menu.

Even many search engines can not crawl those web sites. So keep an eye on the JavaScript flush or dropdown menu.

Anchor tags

Anchor tags

Anchor text is a clickable text that the user sees and which user can click on to a new page.

Anchor Text Writing Rules

It contains the anchor text within the Anchor tag. The rule of writing anchor text is –

<a href = “url of webpage.html”> Anchor text </a>

Corresponding text

The Angkor text should be given to the user and the search engine to understand what kind of article/article or content is on that page by clicking on this link.

For example, suppose there is a link named “About us” at the bottom of this page of the web site, after reading the text of the link, it is understood that clicking here can be what the page appears.

 If not, “Click here” if I did not give it “About Us” but it was not SEO Friendly.

Do not give Anchor text, which does not match any linked page (click on the page that will be clicked on). Rather, Angkor Text is such a good idea that the summary of the linked page is just a few words.

Writing a paragraph and linking it to the full is not Search Engie Friendly.

Keep in mind the styling of the text

Styling links using CSS so that the user can make the typical text and link text visible or understand that it is an Anchor Link. CSS’s alink, vlink, hover, etc properties can be used to style anchor text.

When a business goes on, the entrepreneur of that business has to face various questions, comments, and interrogations, some of them are going back and forth again, this is the opportunity for you to have your own business, a time when you have noticed, your clients and customers In front of the same question-answer is being faced repeatedly, then those topics are converted into a blog post Get rid of them. Keep them covered in FAQs, it will make your company even more attractive. Try to give valuable information to the users, and show that your headaches are more important than your business and concerns about the issues. More



One of the most widely used content on the web page is the image. Currently, some images are used on all web sites or pages.

alt attribute

If you give a picture on the web site, you should use the alt attribute to describe the picture. For any reason if the image is not loaded or delayed then alt attribute will appear in the photo place. This alt text works in anchor text when the image is used as a link.

It is not ok to link too much through the picture, but if you have to give it then the att attribute should be explained in the search engine.

See the picture below –

This is a example of alt

The picture is delayed so the image shows a text in the place it was written in Alt Tag. Put any file in a relevant directory such as images directory audio in the audio directory. Use the most widely used photo format such as .jpg .gif .BMP etc. while using photos.

robots.txt file

robots.txt file

The “robots.txt” file is a file that tells search engines that the search engine will crawl any page of a site and some pages will not crawl. This robots.txt file is in the root folder. Some pages of the web site may not be shown in search results. Because the work of those pages may not be finished yet or any other reason. Because of this, a robots.txt file can be set up to determine which page search engine will not crawl.

If there is a subdomain and some of its pages need not be shown in search results then it will have to create a separate robots.txt file. After creating the robots.txt file, the root folder has to be uploaded.

Create robots.txt file

With the robots.txt file, search engine bots of Crowar and Spider sites can be viewed on which pages and which pages will not be viewed. This control system is called the Robots Exclusion Protocol (Robots Exclusion Protocol) or Robots Exclusion Standard.

Before making this file, let us identify some of the symbols used here.


Symbol description

User-agent refers to robot (s)

* Wildcard User-agent: * It means all robots

Disallow each line disallow: starts with. Then you can set the URL path with /. It will not crush the path or file or those pages and robots. If you do not give any path, then you will disallow if it is empty.

# To comment. After this, a line is written so that this line can then be understood as to what is the code below.

The Disallow field may represent partial or full URL. The path that is mentioned after the “/” symbol will not visit the robot.

See an example below –

See examples


Disallow: / help

#disallows both /help.html and /help/index.html, while


See another example below –

See examples


Disallow: / help /

# will disallow /help/index.html but allow /help.html


See some examples below –

All robots will allow all files to be visited (wildcard “*” indicates all robots)

See examples


User-agent: *


An example of all the robots will not visit any file –

See examples


User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Only a visit to Googlebot will be allowed, and the rest will not be able to visit Aman, see an example –

See examples


User-agent: GoogleBot


Only a visit to Googlebot and Yahoo!Larp will have the approval, and others will not have an example.


See examples


User-agent: GoogleBot

User-agent: Slurp


If you want to close a specific bot visit, use the code as below –

See examples


User-agent: Teoma

Disallow: /


If this file stops crawling any URL or pages on your site, then due to some problems these pages may show anywhere. Can be shown URLs such as referral logs Besides, there are some search engines whose algorithms are not very advanced, since these engines send spiders / boats for crawling, they will crawl all your URLs by ignoring the instructions in the robots.txt file.

Another good way to avoid these problems is to password all these content with the htaccess file.

Be careful about rel = “nofollow”

By setting “nofollow” on any link in rel attribute, Google can tell the search engine that it does not crawl all these links. If your site is a blog or a forum where comments can be made then you can keep the comment part nofollow in this way. Do not use your blog or forum reputation to increase your site rank. Again many times many objectionable site addresses can give your site which you do not want. You can also link sites that spammer to Google, this will damage your site reputation.

If you do not nofollow each link and do nofollow in robot meta tag, do the same thing.

301 redirect

301 redirect

In the case of search engine optimization, 301 redirect is a very important thing.

If a page has two or more addresses, then Google will hold all the addresses here. This will have an adverse effect on search results because duplicate content.

The most serious of all sites are the two automatic addresses, such as and Although the site is here but Google considers two sites here, it is important to make this redirection here. Either you can redirect from to or vice versa.

It can be done with htaccess file, it can also be done from ceplan. By typing below, you will be redirected to (301 redirect) This method is shown –

See examples

Options + FollowSymLinks

R ewriteEngine On

RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} ^ odesk \ .com $ [NC]

RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Http://$1 [L, R = 301]

url redirect icon

url redirect icon

By clicking here, which page from which you want to redirect, you can click on the Add button.

Submit URL

All search engines should submit the URL of the website. All search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. need to submit the URL of the website.

Google submit url

To submit the URL of the site to Google, go to the link below –

Here’s the URL URL in the site and a short description of the site in the comments box, click the Add URL button, the Google web site will start crawling.

Site in yahoo

To submit a URL to the website in Yahoo, follow the link below –

Go to the category subcategory and select the URL to be submitted.

Submit URL to Bing search engine

To submit the URL of the website to Bing search engine, follow the link below –

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keyword choice, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role.

Keyword Research

You need to think about the kind of keyword that is on your website. For example, if your site is based on Software Development tutorial, then it will be wise to keep these keywords in the title “Software Development Tutorial” on the homepage.

If you want to learn software development, then you need to think about some words that Google can search by typing in the words and those words should be kept in the heading tags of your site’s title site.

Keep in mind

In the case of keyword research, the following factors should be noted –

The contents of the page match the keywords,

Content should match the title tag with keyword,

It is good to match the heading tags with keywords on web pages,

Normally it is good to use the search keywords,

It is best to create an HTML document name, content, and keyword in line with it.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank

The Google Page Rank is based on factors such as how much a page is on the Web and whether it has the appropriate authority. In short, the page rank is a vote for a page, which will vote for other pages on the web.

Page rank

The numbers from 0 to 10 are used to publish PageRank.

If the site pagerank 10 of the site (page) is understood that the site is giving Google the highest importance.

PageRank Google considers 3/4 months in a row, meaning that after 3/4 months, a site’s PageRank is changed.

There are different sites where you can type the URL of any site and enter the page rank, such as –,

You can also download Google Toolbar from and keep it enabled in the browser. There is a white section in the Google Toolbar that shows PageRank with green ink and number.

Google considers that

Below are some of the things Google considers in determining the page rank –

The sites at .gov and .edu are very important to Google, if you can get links to these sites, it’s a plus point for your site,

Google does not gag it on the “nofollow” site.

If there is a link to another web page on a web page, then this is a vote for another page. To say more easily, if there is a link to at then got a vote. In this way earninghunts.comm will decide on how many web sites this link will be based on Google’s website.


PageRank is not very important

But PageRank is not a very important topic. Due to PageRank the search engine result page (SERP) does not have any effect. PageRank 0 sites can also be on Google’s first page, on the other hand, any site with more pages can not be on the first page of Google, although the website has been searched for the same type and same keyword. So there is no reason to worry if you do not have a page rank on your site. There are many sites that have a lot of pagerank 3,4,5 but if you see these sites you will laugh because there is nothing in it, there are links to this site on many sites only.

Google has been mailed to pagerank, writing in their forums has been a lot. But the appropriate authority avoids the matter. Even the pagerank issue has been removed from Google Webmaster Tools in 2009. Apart from that, the parameters of Google’s PageRank equation are actually based on the incoming link. Incoming link to your site on the other site is the incoming link.

Be careful

One more thing is that if your site is more page-related, and if you give your site the link to less pagerack, then your page rank will be reduced or shared with that site. Meaning be careful when giving outbound links.

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank

Alexa will register the Web site’s information and then Alex’s website will show the ranking of the website.

Alexa Rank

If your site is not in the 1st million sites in the Alexa ranking, then it is not right that Alexa will show your site’s ranking. Suppose your site’s ranking in Alexa ranked 212254, then it is not right to understand that it is not within 100000. If 100000 is inside, it can give a fairly accurate ranking.

Alexa Ranking is based on their toolbar (Alexa toolbar), which is used on their visit. If you open a website, millions of visitors also visit your site, but if someone does not use the Alexa toolbar, then you will not get any ranking, but maybe 3/4 lakhs will be your ranking. On the other hand, if you have only thousands of visitors on your site, and if they are all the toolbars, then within a month, you will find that your site has been ranked in the century.

Suppose you have a site, maybe a few visits a day, and the ranking in Alexxa thinks in two million homes. Now you have installed the Alexa Toolbar in some of your known computer browsers, and every day your site is visited 8/10 times, within a few days your website’s Alexa Rank is going from two to two thousand. For this reason, alphabetical ranking of many newspapers, famous blogs and forums are so much that if 10/12 people are employed in front of these sites then they may be content writers, web developers, designers or anything else. This means that they have to be always with this site, telling them to use all the Alexa toolbars. They may have to enter 60/70 times a day on the corresponding site.

When the site is without a toolbar, it is very easy to gagna, but its impact is very small

Alexa widget

Alex has a widget if you give it to your site, then in that widget you will get Alexa once every visit. This widget will contain information about your site’s ranking and some links on your site.

Blog and Forum Post

Blog and Forum Post

SEO can be posted by posting on different blogs, forums, social networking sites, and there are many visitors and traffic.

“Dofollow” and “nofollow”

Post your site by registering on various famous blogs, forums, social networking sites. Since many visitors visit these sites every day they will get the news of your site. Use your site link as a signature in the forum. If there are comments on the post, there will be links to your site everywhere. Especially post or comment on the “dofollow” site. As a result, your site traffic will increase as well as Google will gagana your link. And if you post / comment on “nofollow” site then get traffic but Google will not count your links.

To see if there are any blogs or sites or forums “dofollow” go to a post on the site where there is no link in the comments, now see the source code of this page (right click on Firefox and view page source). Find out if there is “nofollow” with links, if it is “nofollow” site then “doofollow” site if nothing is written “nofollow” or “dofollow”. Such as “dofollow” post of Somewherein blog

See Somewherein blogspot “dofollow” but the source of the post that contains comments in the comments “nofollow” target = ‘_ blank’ followed by “nofollow”.

Firefox has some extensions that they install when it says during the browsing period what “dofollow” and “nofollow” site. You can get this facility with NoDofollow name addon.

Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions

There are thousands of web sites on the internet where only different websites are given the address. There are many sites where there are billions of site addresses. Links to the site are sorted by category. If there is a section called Social Networking, then there will be addresses of all social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter. There are links to sports sites in the sports section. There are many categories in this way and each category has a list of related sites. If you are looking for a site that is looking for a web design or development tutorial, then now he will save the list of such sites and then go to the site and search the computer department, then you may find many sites in this type.

Directory site

Sites that host hundreds of thousands of site-friendly site sites are the directory sites And this is the process of linking your site to the site called directory submission. There are many such directory sites that will allow you to add links to your site for free.

The type of site that is needed today, the two types of words written by Google and then enter those types of sites. But before making the search engine, people could find their site from these directories. Still, those who come to the new computer world, take an internet connection, they try to find the site in this way.


Links to Directory Site Submit

You need to submit your site link on different directory sites. By doing so, those website sites will be able to find the website and they will get the news of your site and the traffic of your site will increase. Below is a submissions procedure for a directory site ( –

Directory submission demo

For this, going to the site click on the Add a link link at the top left, there will be a form like this, submitting it will submit the directory submissions. Here we have submitted to the regular link because it is free, there are two more options, one will have to take one and one reciprocal means that you have to give a link to this directory site on your site.

Directory sites

Below are the names of several directories named –


Foreign directory sites (This is very famous)

Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools is an important tool for SEO. Knowing the use of Google Webmaster Tools for SEO is a very important thing.


Google Webmaster Tools

Any web site here can be added free of charge. The Google Webmaster Tools provides detailed descriptions on how to display pages of Google’s web site, and there are many more details below –


You have to go to this address first, if you want to sign in here with your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, open one because Google webmaster tools without this Gmail account can not accept this service (full free access). If there is, sign in with the user name and password and enter it inside.


Now you can add one or more sites to Google Webmaster Tools. Click on the Add a Site name button and click the Continue button next to the name of the site you want to add.


website add in webmaster tool


Now a page called Verify ownership will come from Google to tell you that you are the real owner of the site. To prove the ownership of the site, Google hereby announces 4 ways, you can prove it by using any one.

In the meantime, the 1st method is very easy, check the check box and scroll down a little bit below and download the download link of an HTML verification code, download this small file and upload it to your site’s root folder. If you use a seaplane, then upload the file to your public_html.


Now come to the Verify ownership page There is a link like this: Click here to confirm the file upload and click the verify button at the end to complete the verification.


Menu and submenu

After completing the verification you will see several menus on the side. The menus are dashboards, massages, search properties, search traffic, Google index, crow, security issues and other resources.


Among them there are sub-menus of SearchApares, Search Traffic, Google Index and Crowl menus.


Webmaster dashboard

To do different tasks for webmaster tools, first go to the dashboard.



After completing the verification, such a page will appear, from here click on the link of your site and go to the dashboard.




There are various types of information on the dashboard, such as –


Sitemaps – Whether there is a Sitemap submitted or if there are information on the number of Sitemap URLs in the Google Databases etc. The first submenu is the sitemap under the Site Configuration menu on the left side of the dashboard.


Search queries – Here are some words that Google uses to search your site.


Crawl errors – Here is the information about whether there is a problem crushing your site.


Links to your site – Here is a list of sites that have links to your site and some other sites.


Keywords – Here’s a list of words that Googlebot gets on your site during crawling.


SEO is an essential thing for any web site. There is no substitute for SEO to increase web site traffic.

SEO tips

Below are some tips about SEO –

  • Try not to make as much of Black Hat SEO as possible,
  • Do not copy paste from another web site,
  • Use correct size fonts in the right place,
  • Keep the site of good quality content on site,
  • Use good quality pictures or images on the site,
  • Do not use unnecessary content, pictures or anything else,
  • Post regularly on different social networking sites, blogs or forums,
  • Regular keywords research,
  • Embed URLs of websites in different browsers and web directories,
  • Create web site sitemap,
  • Create easy and fluent navigation menu.