Which one is better between Blogging VS Vlogging?

Some people didn’t know that difference Blogging and Vlogging? it is a very effective technique to engage the maximum amount of traffic on your website and channels. Many bloggers and vloggers are well known about how to make money from here.

But blogging and vlogging are totally different concepts and their priorities are also different so now I present you know the difference between of them and how to easy to use.

Here the difference “Blogging VS Vlogging?

What is Blogging?


Blogger is Creates content that is in the written format blogs are so easy to set up such as WordPress, Blogspot, medium etc. are all places you will often see a blogger. There is no need for specific strategies knowledge to do this. If you want to start blogs platforms without investment here those sites names WordPress, Blogger, Weebly.but its is very hard control a website and content.

The blog is kind of diary where bloggers’ write their experience, opinions and represents to the word. The blog comes from the word of the weblog. In the last middle age decreased the numbers of a blog.  Blogs lost their past popularity because of the present social channel.

Blogger can write anything and everywhere, they don’t need any extra cost. Especially bloggers it’s difficult to attract the readers and engage the reader’s couples of the minute to read your article so it’s not easy at all.

If you want to use affiliate marketing technique in your blogs and if you want to maximum visitor come on your website then use proper SEO. You must also learn to work on the website after that if you are interested in doing these things You can also give me the responsibility of SEO of your webpage because I will do it better way through my SEO experience.

If you still confused difference Blogging VS Vlogging then don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging process of sharing information, experiences and provide service in a video format. That means Vlogger is creating content that is in the video format. Such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook are places where you will often come across video logs.

You want to do vlogging you have to professional writing skills. you need to make the high-quality vlog. so it necessity high-definition video camera recorder, its = must and professional editing software.cost some extra dollars are required to start vlogging.

If you simply thought vlogging records your experience, opinions in a video. Vlogging means video blogging. In that present, after making, vloggers are becoming to be a celebrity in a short time.

Vlogging help to present them as a brand in front of the world. For exposure for the brand, people hire them as ambassador .it’s a great opportunity for the vloggers’.vlogging is the time-consuming process.

In my opinion.
Both are very strategic but blogging is a little bit easy and comfortable for kind of people more then vlogging. But people are always mixed up vlogging and you tuber. They become to be confused that’s why in my next article. I will talk to you about this so far this time.

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